Don’t Remind Me Later

I’ve had a Yahoo! mail account for a long, long time. I’ve always used it as the address I can give to commercial websites, forum logins, etc.; anything that could generate spam. Works great. I check it daily either through the web interface or through the Gmail app on my phone.

The past few months, every time I visit through the web interface, several seconds into the visit I get the following pop up.


I believe this is because I also have Yahoo! mail hooked up to the Gmail app. I tried using the official Yahoo! app a few years ago, but it was a battery draining mess. It may be better now, but I’m not inclined to try again and it works fine through Gmail. So every single time I click “I understand the risks.” Of course, it often appears in the middle of doing something else like opening an email, which then falls, so I have to reopen that email. First world problems.

What bothers me is that there is no “Don’t show this again” checkbox. This means Yahoo!’s strategy is to annoy me into doing what it wants. That’s no way to treat users. If they just want to disallow third party logins, fine, go ahead. If on the other hand this is a courtesy warning to help me, great, then leave me alone once I’ve confirmed I understand the risks.

I see this a lot in UI design, usually in the form of the interface asking me to do something and giving two choices: OK and Remind Me Later. There are certainly instances where this is the appropriate set of choices, such as if you are using a trial version of a piece of software. But usually this sort of thing is used to try and force me into doing things that they want me to do, like rate their app, rather than being reserved for things I logically need to do.

It takes a special disrespect for users to try and annoy then into doing what you want them to do. Take a stand, UI designers; the choices should be OK, Remind Me Later, and No.


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