Post-Enterprise Thinking

A few weeks ago I was at the EDMAX conference. Learning geeks from the top 25 CPA firms get together and talk shop. It’s really engaging.

There has been a lot of emphasis recently in my firm on enterprise thinking–emerging from one’s silo in pursuit of more inclusive decision-making.

What I like about EDMAX is that it is an example of post-enterprise thinking. No firm has secrets from the others; we want to collectively advance the profession because we believe that we are serving the public trust.


2 thoughts on “Post-Enterprise Thinking

  1. Zackery Reichenbach-Carr

    I find this idea of “post-enterprise” really interesting. I think I am wondering if the two aren’t siblings, but maybe cousins, as in enterprise thinking, or the behavior of thinking at an enterprise level is less related to post-enterprise thinking as you have it labeled here. I am wondering if the behaviors you are talking about as P.E. can be in parallel to enterprise thinking. If the goal or objectives of having an enterprise hat on is to think about the risks, benefits, strategy, etc. as it relates to the whole enterprise, I wonder if one must have a deep understanding of the industry in which that organization focuses. I love the theme of EdMax, we have a similar relationship and group through our system user groups. It is invaluable to be able to share openly for the sake of everyone’s benefit. This idea of treating all information (except I.P. and compliance data maybe) as a wiki environment instead of an amazon environment came up on a team call yesterday and we agreed it is more valuable to have more information available to everyone, than to limit information based on some cost of reference or context. The shared values must drive the usage of the information, to limit it because we are afraid of what someone might “do with it” or react to it, is against the shared values, we must trust.
    Great concept and thoughts, really struck a chord with me.


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