Fixing a Sticky Key on a Yamaha YDP-113

This is obviously off-topic, but could be helpful for anyone searching on “Yamaha YDP-113 sticky key” in the future (or for me if the keyboard develops another sticky key in the future)–that is, a piano key that reliably goes down, but doesn’t reliably come up again.

Key non-obvious things to know:

  • Having the service manual is handy, but instead of the service manual for the YDP-113, you need the service manual for the CLP-110. As far as I can tell, those two models are functionally identical, but the service manual for the CLP-110 includes step-by-step disassembly instructions. The service manual for the YDP-113 only includes lists of parts. I found the CLP-110 service manual here.
  • The service manual tells you how to take out the entire keyboard assembly. This isn’t really necessary. You need to take off the top board, the keyboard cover including the key cover assembly, and the “angle Z.” You don’t need to pull the entire keyboard assembly out, and thus don’t have to remove the end block assembly. All you have to do to the keyboard assembly is pull out the 11 screws and push the assembly back a quarter of an inch or so.
  • Once you have the keyboard assembly pushed back a bit, here is a helpful video for popping out the keys so you can clean them. He’s got a different model, so the helpful bits don’t start until around 3:15 mark, but the keyboard assembly appears identical so everything after that point is very helpful.

The whole thing only requires a Philips screwdriver and a butter knife, and the only part that requires some experimentation is removal and replacement of the keys. Everything else is very straightforward and spelled out clearly in the service manual.


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