Designing Classroom Instruction with a CBT Background

I learned the craft of instructional design designing computer-based training. Elearning has limitations not present in the classroom, and vice versa. You learn to design toward the strengths of your medium. I sometimes wonder how designing exclusively for one medium early in one’s career affects one’s ability to design for other media–a crystallized design sense, if you will.

I was observing a course I didn’t design recently, and the last section of the class was devoted to student presentations. I was unsure about this; it took up a significant portion of the class, and I always worry whether learners get much out of watching their classmates present. For those reasons, I’ve never really incorporated student presentations in my ID toolkit.

I think it worked, though. The learners were interns at the firm, and creating presentations in teams helped them get to know each other, creating potentially valuable connections, which fit with the larger goals of the program. It allowed them to go a little deeper in a topic while positively impacting the classroom dynamic.

Anyway, I’ve certainly designed experiences for classrooms that capitalized on the strengths of the medium and would not be easy to replicate in elearning, but I sometimes wonder what my blind spots are (not just me–any designer) when designing for media outside of the core of my experience.


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