This Is the Best Day of My Life

This is the best day of my life.

Wedding day? Birth of a child? First kiss? What’s so special about today?

All of those were great days, and nothing particularly memorable happened today. I was deliriously happy on my wedding day, but I hadn’t even met my kids yet, and they taught me through their joy and laughter that I could be even happier.

Nothing unusual happened today. But today I have all my memories inside of me. Every day I get to spend time with family, friends, and colleagues, adding more and more richness to my life, making today the best day of my life. Tomorrow will be even better.


2 thoughts on “This Is the Best Day of My Life

  1. Zackery Reichenbach-Carr

    Thanks for sharing this post. Doesn’t seem to be a ton of positive information flying around in the internet ether right now. Was very refreshing to see this.

  2. robertmulcahy Post author

    I wrote and published this before the election, and wasn’t even thinking about the elections at the time, but the sentiment in the post still holds. By chance, I’m reading a book about the senate confirmation trials of the first black man appointed to the Supreme Court. The book is a nice reminder of how far we’ve come in recent decades, and how much work is left to do. We all have to stand up to ensure we keep moving forward.


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