Keep Training a Secret

Michael Allen makes the great point that many organizations train people, but don’t tell their supervisors what they were trained on or how to help workers transfer their new skills to the job. My firm has been guilty of this.

A barrier, I think, is that it’s not clear what this meta-training looks like. Does it mean putting supervisors through the same training? Does it just mean emailing them a PDF of course topics and some encouragement to embrace their workers’ new skills?

We could definitely use more models here. I was talking to a colleague once who equipped all new hires with a checklist at the end of their new hire training. The checklist was designed so that they could sit down with their supervisors with the list and talk about the things they’ve learned so far, the kinds of things they need to learn, the kinds of jobs they should be assigned to given their strengths and knowledge gaps, and so forth. I found this to be elegant because it puts learners in control.


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