Ad Blocking

Well, I finally installed ad blocking software in my primary browser. I did it for two reasons. One, ads are a vector for malware. Two, ads seem to have an increasingly adversarial relationship with content. Ads on the web don’t sit quietly next to the article so you can scan them when you are done reading like in the days of print media. They interrupt. They flash in the corner of your eye (or pop up right in front of your eye). They play audio. They cause the webpage to jump around. They significantly increase load times.

Of course, ads also pay for the content.

Thus, I’m approaching this two ways. One, where possible, I’m paying for content directly. I went to all the websites that I enjoy and either subscribed or clicked on the donate button. Two, I’m using Adblock Plus, which has a feature that allows ads pre-determined to be well-behaved (no sound, no movement, no malware) through the blocker. Some folks see this as selling out, but I love the idea. Perhaps more ad blockers will adopt a philosophy of not trying to block ads per se, but focus on blocking intrusive ones.


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