I Miss Scrollbars

I like to know what’s going on–how far I’ve come, and how far I have to go. On mobile devices, scroll bars disappear when you aren’t actively scrolling, so half the time when I glance over to see where I am on a page, the scroll bar is hidden. I miss it, but, hey, it’s a small device with a small screen so I expect compromises.

I was surprised to see that Office 2013 comes with scrollbars that disappear when windows don’t have the focus or aren’t being actively used. Not all the time; I actually can’t figure out the pattern of when the scrollbars disappear and when they don’t. But when they are gone, I miss them because I can’t tell at a glance where I am.

I’ll stop whining about Office in my web journal now.

(Speaking of scrollbars, Amazon Kindle for Android had a feature where instead of telling you how many “pages” are left in the chapter, it tells me how much time I have left at my current pace. This is utterly distracting to me. So I guess I want scrollbars, but not smart ones the draw attention to themselves.)


One thought on “I Miss Scrollbars

  1. Ellen

    I have Office 2007 and I’ve noticed inconsistent scrollbars. Actually, I hadn’t “noticed” them until I read your post and thought “that must be what’s going on.” Sometimes I have visible scrollbars, sometimes not. I end up clicking where I think the scroll bar is/should be, and eventually I get what I need. I swear, I’d be happy to go back a decade or so.


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