This week a friend introduced me to the concept of amuse-bouche, which is a tiny, gratis appetizer served to whet the appetite and showcase the interests and skills of the chef. I think this is a charming concept.

I wonder about the design possibilities. Are there ways before learners ever get to class to delight them with some interaction or bite of content to intrigue them?


2 thoughts on “Amuse-Bouche

  1. Rob Foshay

    Sure! A few years ago, there was a small burst of experimentation surrounding use of anomalies, misconceptions, and other problematic assertions and questions as a way of gaining attention, especially at the beginning of the lesson.

  2. Ellen

    Two years ago I took a social psych class taught by a very talented grad student. He always arrived 10-15 minutes before class, set up his laptop, and showed things related to the upcoming topic, and often quite timely–perhaps an exchange from a TV interview the night before, a cartoon, it could be almost anything. The effect, I think (no research on this, just my sense) was to have the class in their seats and away from their iPhone, ready to pay attention to Patrick when the lecture started.


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