The Role of Reflection in Professional Growth

This is apparently my 100th post. I started this journal when my firm moved downtown and I decided public transportation made more sense than driving. I use the twenty minute trip in for professional reading, and the trip home for writing, such as in this journal.

I love the dedicated, protected time. Twenty minutes is not long enough to get any actual work done, at least not on a phone, but long enough to make time for reading and writing that I otherwise never seemed to get to. It adds up.

And it is helpful. I find myself at work occasionally looking back to things I’ve written as a reminder of the issues. The act of writing helps me think through whatever is on my mind professionally that week.

In terms of designing instruction, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen great models for building intentional reflection into courses in a way that resonates with learners, particularly professionals. Have you?


2 thoughts on “The Role of Reflection in Professional Growth

  1. Vanessa

    Reflection was a huge part in my online masters program. Almost every class required some form of reflection activities. I thought it was extremely helpful. Sometimes we get lost focusing on only what is right in front of us. Time to reflect helped me see the bigger picture.


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