Accounting Pedagogy

I didn’t realized before I joined a CPA firm that there was a large and growing research base specific to the pedagogy of teaching accounting, including whole academic journals.

Certainly, medicine is another example of a field with a rich pedagogical research base. I wonder what other fields are similarly blessed?


One thought on “Accounting Pedagogy

  1. Rob Foshay

    Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) has evolved in a number of fields. The ones I have encountered include:
    aviation (military and commercial)
    science (especially physics)
    I’ve always found this work fascinating. In some cases, it’s simply reinterpretation of general teaching and learning principles, within the conceptual vocabulary of the field. In other cases, there is work on learning progressions, misconceptions, specific teaching techniques, measurement of learning, simulation, etc.

    It’s well worthwhile to familiarize yourself with this literature for the field you’re working in. At the least, it can help you communicate effectively with your SMEs. It can also save a tremendous amount of trial and error as you design.


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