Media Decision Tree

Some time back I wrote about principles for instructional media selection. In other words, if you are developing a course, how do you decide whether to deliver it in the classroom, as a webcast, or as a self-paced self-study?

The principles I wrote about still hold, but here is a decision tree* I’m working on to help make the decision.

Medium Decision Tree

Still in draft form. One difference from my earlier analysis is the introduction of the distinction between knowledge transfer and skill building, a distinction that has grown in importance for me. The decision tree also refers to hybrid events. Those are events like flipped classrooms, that integrate live classroom and technology in meaningful ways.

*Speaking of decision tree, I sure would like a tool that uses either a wizard or simple syntax to let you build a tree by giving it a set of rules, then it renders it (or outputs it as an HTML-based wizard). Anyone know of anything like that?


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