Four Qualities of a Memorable Course

I held a workshop for tax experts about how to lead an effective webcast. Near the beginning of the workshop I threw out the question, “What was the best course you ever took, regardless of medium, and what made it so memorable?” Four themes emerged from their answers. I love this list and now refer to it often.

Great courses are different. The instructors or developers made a clear effort to go beyond lecture in some meaningful, creative way.

Great courses are meaningful to their target population. They leave participants saying, “That’s exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.”

Great courses are full of memorable stories. The instructors had deep banks of relevant experience to draw upon, and the ability to relate them to illustrate important points.

Great courses are led by instructors who show the love they have for the topic through their enthusiasm. It is evident to everyone in the classroom that the instructor is genuinely fascinated by the topic. Their interest is infectious.


2 thoughts on “Four Qualities of a Memorable Course

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  2. Ellen

    All four of these were present in the sessions I experienced with Road Scholar at Glacier NP a couple of weeks ago. And they were present in the presentations by four different instructors/leaders.


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