Garage Door

Our ancient garage door ceased to function, so we replaced it. My first* thought upon seeing the new door:

It has no handle!

Design lesson: Dispense with obsolete features.

*My second thought: The installer left all the nails in the frame sticking half out. Design lesson: Always take one last quick look.


2 thoughts on “Garage Door

    1. robertmulcahy Post author

      Hi, Ellen. We have a detached garage with, for some reason, no other access into the garage except for the main door (no side door). The garage door has no handle, but it does have a little key hole which pulls a metal string that detaches the door from the opener. This is vital for, say, when the power goes out but we still need to get at the cars. (Well, at least the Toyota; I think our Subaru needs a new starter.)


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