Instructional Design 101 Course

I don’t get to do as much pure design as I’d like to nowadays, but one of my current projects is a lot of fun. I’m designing a small, self-paced introduction to instructional design course. One of my worries is that I may fall into the same trap I’ve seen other SMEs fall into: moving too fast and making unwarranted assumptions about what the target population already knows.

I am allowing myself one outlet to go a little deeper on some topics. On select screens, I’m including a “more information” button in the lower corner. Clicking on this button plays a short elaboration about an instructional point related to that scene.

For instance, I use the first few screens to put the course in context. At the end of that sequence, I dropped one of those buttons on the screen pointing out the fact that I’m establishing context and encouraging my learners to do the same in their courses. That particular point isn’t on my list of learning objectives, but including it in a little optional popup feels satisfying.

Key point: Designing is a journey. As a designer, including little flourishes that make you happy lends you energy and infuses the instruction with an elegance that your learners will respond to.


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